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Registration Dates
8/3/2015  To  8/9/2016
8:00 AM  To  2:00 PM
New Student Registration

         The Alabama State Department of Education requires several things for a child to be officially enrolled. You will need to have:

1. proof that your child lives in the appropriate attendance zone by providing two proofs of address (a recent utility or phone bill addressed to the parent/guardian at the address in the school zone). Note that these are two separate proofs and are both required.

2. Be prepared to show a picture ID, such as a drivers license, when enrolling your child. Also, please be prepared to bring any Custody or Guardianship papers if appropriate.

3. The child must have current Alabama immunizations for Diphtheria, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, 2nd dose of MMR, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Varicella or immunity to chicken pox. The school must keep this ‘blue card' on file.

4. The child must have a valid social security number and card. The school will make a copy and keep it in a secure file. The social security number is not used for any routine identification.

5. Emergency contact names and phone numbers are helpful at registration and required when school begins, in case a child is hurt or sick. We ask that numbers be updated when changes occur so parents/guardians can always be contacted.

All items must be complete before a student will be enrolled and assigned a teacher for the upcoming school year.


We look forward to seeing you at registration!

8/3/2015  To  5/18/2016
8:00 AM  To  2:00 PM

         Students may be registered daily.